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American Fork destroys Lehi in Home Opener

Going into Friday nights game both Lehi and American Fork were ranked in the top 15 in the state. We expected this to be a fight to the very end. Their match up in 2019 was won by the Cavemen 27-14. Lehi has fewer key players returning this year than American Fork, notably from their offensive line and their defense. Watching the two teams run onto the field, you could tell that neither side was thinking about any of that though. They were ready to play and both sides had high energy and confidence.

The Pioneers received the kick to open the game. #19 Brock Love fielded the kickoff and ran for about 10 yards before being wrapped up by cavemen players at the Lehi 22 yard line. The impact caused Love to fumble the ball which was recovered by American Fork's own #44 Spike Adams. Almost immediately the atmosphere changed and the confidence that Lehi once had was fading. American Fork, however, had even more energy than before. After a 9 yard completion by starting QB Maddux Madsen to #1 Fisher Ingersoll and three straight runs by Adams the Cavemen were able to find the endzone. With only 30 seconds ticking off the clock the Cavemen were already up 7-0.

The second kick-off resulted in a touchback which meant we would see the Lehi offense for the first time. Starting at QB for the Pioneers was #2 Creyton Cooper. Cooper attempts 2 passes, one of which was incomplete to #7 who was wide open running up the right side of the field. On 3rd and 10, Cooper keeps it and is able to gain about 7 yards but Lehi's first offensive drive results in a three and out. Later in the 1st quarter Madsen throws a 30 yard touchdown to #93 Will Zundel to put the Cavemen up 14-0.

After a few changes in possession, American Fork's #5 Gabe Shipley intercepts Lehi and returns the ball to Lehi's 16 yard line. And on the very next play #1 Fisher Ingersoll catches a 16 yard pass for ANOTHER American Fork touchdown. Before the 1st quarter is even over the Cavemen lead it 21-0.

The second quarter stared uneventfully. Both teams played very good defense and stopped prevented each other from advancing. American Fork was finally able to get some offense going behind some consistent running by #13 Jonathan Winder, #31 Cache Abo and #44 Spike Adams. The drive was capped off by a touchdown pass to #30 Noah Moeaki. This put the Cavemen up 34-0 halfway through the second quarter.

After a couple of possession changes Lehi in intercepted once again by #30 Noah Moeaki and returns it to Lehi's 45 yard line. American Fork capitalizes on the turn over and after a few long passes to #93 and #30, Spike Adams walks the ball in for another Cavemen touchdown. Lehi, after a poor first half, is down 41-0.

First half observations: Alongside American Fork's great effort on both sides of the ball, Lehi looks confused and ill-prepared for the game. Players were missing their defensive assignments with some players even forgetting that they were supposed to be on the field. American Fork's #44 and #30 have played phenomenally well. #4 Maddux Madsen has lead the team well. American Fork looks ready to make a run at state. We predict them to play this well against their other opponents. We expect their state ranking to improve after this performance.

American Fork receives the second half kick off. After a couple of amazing plays by #20 and #21 the Cavemen are able to score again! American Fork now leads 48-0. After a touchback on the ensuing kick off Lehi throws another interception by #1 Fisher Ingersoll who takes it all the way for another Cavemen touchdown. American Fork leads 55-0 and will maintain that lead through the rest of the game. Lehi and American Fork would both put in their second string team and


Final Score:

American Fork: 55

Lehi: 0

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