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Bingham Fights Strong Leading to Win Over Westlake

Westlake (3-2) took on Bingham (2-2) at home last night. Westlake had high spirits coming into this game, having a better start to this season than in previous years. But it takes more than good spirit to win, especially against Bingham, coming from a 8-3 season in 2019. Nonetheless, Westlake played strong on defense last night, but Binghams offense just happened to be stronger.

Bingham started the game by receiving the kick-off, going up against Westlake’s impeccable defense. Bingham had trouble gaining yards, only achieving a few at a time. Bingham #95, Caden Wood, managed to slip through the cracks, and ran the ball 20 yards! The end zone was so close, they could almost taste it! On the next play, they tried a pass, but Westlakes #21, Brayden Holloway, made a diving tackle, leading to an incomplete pass. Somewhere between amazing plays, Westlake #35, Carter Quiring, had to be escorted off the field and was out the rest of the game on an injury. They work their way to 3rd down and have no hope of getting any closer to the touchdown they need. Bingham tried for a field goal, and they made the kick easy. By the time the first quarter ends, the scores sit at Bingham-3, Westlake-0.

Leading into the second quarter, Bingham scored a touchdown early on. They got a one-point conversion, leading by 10 points. Westlake ran the ball, finding it difficult to cover any ground. Trying for a forward pass, Binghams #12, Isaiah Glasker, intercepted the throw, and ran it into the end zone from the 40-yard line! They kick, it's good. Westlake played defensively tonight, it seems. They just did not budge for Bingham. Bingham ends up going nowhere in 4 downs. Westlake ran the ball, making their way across the field, no problem. In one play, the throw is made, and Westlake caught it in the end zone! The crowd went wild! Come to find out, the ball was dropped, making it an incomplete pass. Westlake was running out of options, so they decided to kick it. They made the kick, ending the second quarter with Bingham-17, Westlake-3.

The third quarter was very entertaining, though not many points were scored. Westlake's defense was impenetrable, and Bingham's offense was relentless! It was the classic situation of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. As the teams pushed back and forth, an interception by Westlakes #53, Justin Bowman, got Westlake an extra 12 yards. But Bingham didn't let up, leading Westlake to the 4th down, and no ground gained. Bingham didn't take advantage of this and score another touchdown. They kicked, and it was good, wrapping up the third quarter with Bingham leading with 24, and Westlake trailing with 3.

Here we are, the final quarter of the game. Not much happened, both sides played very well. In fact, maybe too well, because no points were scored. The only noteworthy thing that happened was a little tussle, and a few punches were thrown. It was an incredible game. When the clock hit zero, and the final score ended up being Bingham-24, Westlake-3.

Final: 24-3

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