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Clearfield tries to fight back against Davis

Today Davis comes up to Clearfield to take on the falcons. Clearfield kicking off, #24 Spencer Ferguson from Davis scores a 20 yard running touchdown pat is good Davis goes up 7-0 with 8:12 remaining. First pass for the falcons is an interception #7 brings it to the 5 yard line. Touchdown darts #6 with the touchdown pat is good. Clearfield able to slowly get into Davis territory and get a field goal out of it, Clearfield trails 3-14 with 2:10. 1 minute remaining Davis goes and scores a touchdown #24 Spencer Ferguson with the rushing touchdown. Davis now leads 21-3 with 44.3 seconds.

Beginning of second quarter, Clearfield punts it and #4 David Spjut returns it back for a touchdown. Davis goes up 28-3 with 9:52 remaining. #7 Branson Simper passes to #9 for a Clearfield touchdown. Clearfield trails 10-28 with 1:12 remaining in the second. With only 6 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter Davis gets a passing touchdown to #4 David Spjut. Davis goes up 35-10 with 00.9 seconds in the 2nd.

Beginning of third quarter, Davis kicks off to Clearfield to start the second half, Clearfield gets the ball and #36 Ky worth runs it in for a Clearfield touchdown. Clearfield trails 17-35 with just 5:54 remaining. Clearfield kicks off. #44 ends up scoring for Clearfield and they go for 2 points and they get it. Clearfield trails 25-35 with 3:24 remaining.

Beginning of fourth quarter, Davis was able to start the 4th off strong with a running touchdown by #2 Chance Trujillo. Davis now leads 42-25 with 9:57 remaining. Clearfield turns the ball over on downs and Davis goes right back and scores again, #24 Spencer Ferguson with the TD. Davis 49-25 with 6:34 remaining. Clearfield turns it over and Davis is able to take a knee and end the game.

Final Score:

Davis: 49

Layton: 25

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