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West gets the Win in a Close Game with Clearfield

It’s a clear sunny day here at Clearfield High School as the football team takes on West High from Salt Lake City. The game officially kicks off at 6:58 pm.

#86 Brad Howell from Clearfield makes the first 1st down of the game. #7 Branson Simper passes to #10 Gage discus for a 36 yard touchdown pass but the field goal is blocked by West's #77 Omarion Fa’amoe. The next play, West returns the kick-off for a touchdown, however, there is a holding play so they will start on their own 30 yard line. West ends up going into Clearfield territory and getting a field goal. Clearfield still leads 6-3.

Clearfield's #83 Nixon Dailey fumbles it and Panthers fall on it. West's #15 Bird Butler runs it for a touchdown, West now leads 10-6. Clearfield gains possession then later fumbles again, recovered by the Panthers. Panther ball on clearfield 15. West's #9 Johny Alo runs in for a touchdown. That’s the end of the first quarter here at Clearfield high, West leads 17-6.

The first play of the second quarter #15 Bird Butler intercepts a pass from #7 Branson Simper, turn over on downs, Clearfield gains possession. Shortly after Clearfield gains possession, #7 Branson Simper throws his second pick of the game. West starts on Clearfield's 46 yard line. West can't get into the endzone so they settle for a field goal. The field goal is good, making it a 20-6 lead. Clearfield getting a quarterback change, #8 Shadyn Stoker comes in instead of #7 Branson Simper. After a good drive, #8 Shaydn Stoker throws a touchdown to #10 Gage Discus for Gage's 2nd touchdown of the game but the field goal is blocked once again by #77 Omarion Fa’amoe, an Oregon State commit. West leads Clearfield 12-20 with 2:15 remaining in the second quarter. West tries making a last second field goal but missed. At half its 12-20 West leads.

The second half begins at 8:28 and after only 2 plays, West's #11 Sesi Vailahi runs in a touchdown from their own 40. West now leads 27-12. Clearfield can’t do anything with the ball they are forced to punt the ball but blocked by #77 Omarion Fa’amoe. West starts possession on Clearfield’s 6 yard line. Clearfield is able to stop them in the red zone and west misses their field goal. Clearfield gains possession on their own 9 yard line, but they aren’t able to do anything with it, making it West highs ball once again starting on Clearfields 48 yard line. West can't make any significant progress which brings the 3rd quarter to an end.

Only 2 minutes into the 4th an #8 Shadyn Stoker runs 20 yards for a Clearfield touchdown. Clearfield goes for a 2 point conversion and fails. The score is now 18-27, West leads. West turns the ball over on downs and Clearfield scores again making it 24-27. On their next possession, West turns it over but the Falcons just don’t have enough time to do anything. Game over West wins 27-25.

Final Score : West: 27

Clearfield: 25

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