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Darts Back on Track with a 42-6 Win Over the Titans

After a close game against Roy last week, the Darts are back on track with a win against the Syracuse Titans 42-6. With great games for each of them, senior wide receiver David Spjut (#4), senior quarterback Chance Trujillo (#2), and senior running back Spencer Ferguson (#24) were the leaders of Fridays game. Spjut (#4) had a phenomenal game with 2 touchdowns, and 6 receptions for 252 yards receiving. Trujillo (#2) had an awesome passing game with 9/12 completed passes for 324 yards and 3 touchdowns. Trujillo (#2) also had a solid game on the ground with 3 carries for a total of 14 yards and 1 touchdown. Ferguson (#24) had a great game with 24 carries for 156 yards rushing and 1 touchdown as well. Defensive wise senior Mason Kilgore (#3) had a great game leading in tackles with 7 total tackles on Syracuse. With their strong offensive front, and solid defense, Davis had a great game last night. On preparing for this game after a loss, Trujillo (#2) said:

"We had a lot more desire to play hard, we wanted to get our momentum back from that tough loss last week. So we prepared a little bit harder this week"

Beginning the game, Syracuse kicked off to Davis and at 10:22 Trujillo (#2) threw a 67-yard pass to Spjut (#4) for a TD. Then to end the first quarter with about two minutes left Spjut (#4) received another pass from Trujillo (#2) this one 84-yards for a touchdown. The quarter ends 14-0. With 7:25 left in the second quarter Trujillo made another great pass, this a 45-yard pass to senior Jake Maw (#22) for a touchdown. To finish off the half, with 27 seconds left Trujillo ran 3 yards for a touchdown putting the Darts up 28-0 going into the half.

A few minutes into the third quarter Ferguson (#24) had a 4-yard run into the endzone for a touchdown. Then sophomore Trevor Drake (#14) gets a 1-yard run TD for the Titans. To end the quarter senior running back Caden Blackner (#5) gets a 9-yard run touchdown for Davis. And with no score in the 4th quarter the Darts win 42-6.

With lots of long receiving touchdowns lately, David Spjut has been a key player on the Davis offense. When talking more about those longer plays Spjut (#4) says:

“It is a play call. We have definitely put in deeper passes where I’m supposed to go deep. Chance (#2) can just fling it, and we have been able to connect on it.”

Spjut (#4) with a catch in traffic

With two games left in the season Davis has been going strong and is ready for these next two weeks. With more on what is coming, Spjut (#4) states,

“We just need to set a tone and let everyone know that we can take care of business”

Davis will faceoff next with the Weber Warriors, who also have a record of 6-1.

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