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Falcons Hold of a comeback by Northridge

Today Clearfield heads over to Northridge for a rivalry game where lots of trash will be talked. To start the game, Northridge kicks off. Clearfield is quickly able to score first after #7 Branson Simper passes to #86 for Bradley Howell for a 25 yard touchdown.

Northridge is able to get a field goal with 2:21 remaining in the first quarter. Clearfield leads 7-3. At the start of the 2nd quarter the Falcons start off in Northridge territory but both Clearfield and Northridge are not able to do much, punting it to each other and turning it over on downs.

At the Beginning of 3rd Quarter Clearfield kicks off to Northridge. Northridge throws the ball but it was intercepted by #9. On the next play, #36 Kai Worth from Clearfield runs it in for a clearfield touchdown. Clearfield now leads 14-3 with 4:43 remaining in the third quarter.

Northridge gets the ball back but the ball is badly snapped, causing a fumble, the Falcons land on the ball. #36 Kai Worth runs in a 3yd touchdown. The Clearfield Falcons go up 21-3 with 3:14 remaining. Not to long after Clearfield had scored Northridge is forced to punt and the punt is blocked by #19 Kevian Hardy. The Falcons are able to get a safety, going up 23-3 with 13.1 seconds left.

Beginning of 4th Quarter Northridge with a big pass to #18 Brooks Ashton for the first Northridge touchdown of the game. They now they trail 10-23 with 8 minutes remaining. Clearfield is able to get one more score putting them up 29-10 with 6:23 remaining. Northridge with a big rushing touchdown which puts them down 17-29 with 16.5 seconds left. They aren't able to finish the comeback and that's the end of game. Falcons win!

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