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Friday Night Lights: Skyline Vs Layton Football

With the global pandemic that has caused the cancellation of all sporting events across the world since march, it is a breath of fresh air to be watching/participating in sports again. Many states around the country have postponed their fall sports seasons to the spring, where they will try and play all spring and fall sports. With Utah being one of the first states to bring football back, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of all first weeks games, especially this one. Second year head coach, Mike Carlson, of Skyline high school and his team were ready for the challenge ahead, along with first year Layton head coach, Fotu Kotoa, and his squad.

We start off the game with home team, Skyline, receiving the ball. Skyline's offense led by Quarterback Braxton Bolingbroke and a large number of the returning seniors from the 2019 season, drove down the field in the first few minutes of the game and scored, extra point by Ryan Wisomb. Kick off to Layton is returned to the 40 yard line. Laytons offense, led by starting Quarterback Garrett Gifford, came out strong with a long pass across the middle to Tyler Wensel. But Skyline's defense stood stout. The game goes back and forth for a little while with no scoring until the ball is back into quarterback Braxton Bolingbroke's hands. With a long pass to All-state runner-up punt returner, #8 Hudson Manwaring, which sets up a touchdown pass to #17, Roman Franco. PAT good by Ryan Wiscomb. Skyline leads 14-0 with 2 minutes to go in the first.

Not a lot of scoring action in the second quarter with Skyline leading Layton 14-0 headed to halftime. With layton receiving the ball after the half, they hoped to turn the game around and get back into the game. They are unable to do so, punting the ball to the skyline offense which had been doing pretty well thus far.

Bolingbroke takes the ball down the field with the offensive line giving him enough time, scoring in the first couple plays with an 8 yard rushing touchdown from receiver, Tyler Limpert. PAT good by Ryan Wiscomb. Skyline leads 21-0 with 9 minutes remaining in the 3rd. Layton QB, Garrett Gifford, takes his team down the field with some good passing and shows his mobility. Ultimately ending the drive with a 10 yard, rushing touchdown by #6, Sione Vailahi. PAT good by Layton kicker. Layton trails 7-21. Defense on both sides come up big at the end of the game and the scoring ends with the touchdown from layton.

This game was a great way to kick off football in America again and had great showing of competition on both sides of the football and from both teams. Notable performance from Running Back, Royall Wilson of Skyline, averaging right around 5.0 yards a carry, rushing 13 times and receiving twice. Longest rush of the game was 21 yards, with a total of 75.

Final Score:

Skyline: 21

Layton: 7

Offensive 3 Stars-

#1- QB Braxton Bolingbroke (Skyline)

#2- RB Royall Wilson (Skyline)

#3- Hudson Manwaring (Skyline

Written by Utah High's Own - James Kerr

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