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Lady Grizzlies Open Season Strong Against Lady Warriors

On the blazing hot day of August 11, 2020, the opening soccer game for the Copper Hills Lady Grizzlies and the Taylorsville Lady Warriors kicked off. Precautions were taken with

Covid-19, and because of rules and regulations, excited spectators and coaches cheered loud through face masks while doing their best to social distance. Players could be seen sanitizing their hands before entering the pitch each time.

Ball is thrown back in bounds by Taylorsville Warrior #17 after being kicked out by Copper Hills Grizzlies
Lady Warrior #17

In the first half, and throughout the game, both teams played passionately. There wasn't a doubt in anyone's mind that these girls were enjoying their time on the field, glad to be back and ready to win their first game. With effort and time, Copper Hills scored two successful points in the first half. With just over 12 minutes in the first half, the first point was scored, raising hopes for everyone on the home team.

The ball is saved from going out of bounds by Copper Hills Grizzly #15
Lady Grizzly #15

With 15 seconds left on the clock in the first half, Copper Hills scored their second point, causing a wild outbreak in the crowd. After a breath and some regrouping at halftime, the Warriors ran back to the pitch, ready to play once more. The second half was played with the same passion on both teams, and with a fire in the spectators roars. The Taylorsville ladies were still determined, and playing strong.

Taylorsville Warriors kick the ball from the Copper Hills Grizzlies for a brief moment
Grizzly vs Warrior

Alas, Copper Hill scored two more points, and kept the Warriors from scoring any. With 5:25 left on the clock, Copper Hills scored the final point, and everyone could tell who had won. Congratulations to the Copper Hills Lady Grizzlies on their opening win!



Copper Hills: 4

Taylorsville: 0


Copper Hills vs Granger

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