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Layton Upsets Undefeated Weber and Shocks the State

The Layton Lancers, who were previously 0-5, came into this game hungry. It was their homecoming game, people doubted them, and they knew they had what it takes to be a great team.

The Weber Warriors have played a great season, as before Friday night they were undefeated. Here at Utah High, we had the Warriors ranked as 17th in the state, as they have been rolling on all season long.

To start the game, the Lancers kick the ball off to Weber. On the opening drive, Weber gives up the ball quick as a pick from Layton’s Porter Hansen takes it away.

Layton wastes no time with their first drive, as QB Garrett Gifford throws a nice pass to Carter Mayfield for a first down. Shorty after, Gifford throws a deep pass to Nick Sanders for a 73 yard touchdown and the Lancers score early. The point after kick is good from Porter Hansen, Layton up 7-0.

As QB Jake Lindsay and the Weber Warriors try to get something going, their drive is cut short by the Lancer defense and are forced to punt.

On Layton’s next drive, they drive down the field but Weber’s defense makes some plays. On 2nd and 18, Weber makes a couple stops forcing Layton to go for a field goal. Porter Hansen kicks it, and it’s good. LHS is up 10-0.

The Warriors get down the field on their next drive, but the 1st quarter ends and they now switch sides. In a 4th and 2 situation, the Warriors offense goes for it but the pass is incomplete.

Garret Gifford throws a deep pass, barely missing the WR’s finger tip, but a defensive pass interference is called. Weber’s Jacob Kashiwaeda comes up with a big tackle, bring the Lancers to 3rd and 22. They can’t get the first down, and they are forced to punt.

Hansen‘s punt is a good one bringing Weber to their own 5 yard line. QB Jake Lindsay throws a great pass to Jett Child, getting Weber out of safety trouble. Layton gets called for a face mask, and then the Warriors get a free first down and 15 yards.

On a bad snap, Jake Lindsay fumbles the ball in air, and Lancer’s Rocky Wall catches the ball and takes it all the way back for a defensive touchdown. The Layton Lancers are up 17-0.

On Weber’s next drive, Layton gets a few stops and a major tackle from Jackson Cebollero forces another punt. Layton drives the ball down field, and a pass by Gifford brings the Lancers to the 10 yard line. Sione Vailahi runs the ball in for another touchdown, and the point after is good. This game is all Layton so far as the are up 24-0.

Layton’s defense forces another punt, but can’t score before the end of the half, as Jacob Kashiwaeda comes up with a sack to end the quarter. Layton still up 24-0.

At halftime, the coaches must have said something to Weber to fire them up, as they came out swinging. The Warriors stop Layton’s drive and forces a punt.

Jake Lindsay throws a deep pass to Jett Child, scoring and getting the Warriors on the board. The extra point is good, and Layton is up 24-7 with 8:03 left in the 3rd quarter.

The Weber defense comes up with another big stop, and the momentum seems to be on the Warriors side. Jake Lindsay throws another deep pass that is caught in the end zone, but a major game changing call brings them all the way back. The Lancer defense brings them to 4th and 33, stealing the momentum back.

Elias West has a great run to get the Lancers a quick first down. On 3rd and 11, Gifford converts on an amazing pass. He then has a great run bringing them to another 3rd down, with a yard to go. Elias West gets a first down on a run to the outside. Gifford throws a great pass to Nick Sanders, and the Lancers find themselves in the red zone again. But, times runs out and we head into the 4th quarter.

To start the quarter, Gifford throws a touchdown pass to Carter Mayfield, and the Lancers go up 31-7.

On the kickoff, Jama Kanyare takes the ball 99 yards for a Weber touchdown. Weber decides to go for the two point conversion, and it’s good. Lancers still up 31-15

On Layton’s drive, what could have been a good sack by Weber is called as targeting. A major call keeps the drive alive, but QB Garrett Gifford is shaken up and RB Cam Garcia comes in to play quarterback. He gets them a first down but Weber comes up with a stop.

On Weber’s drive, Noah Lindford comes up with a sack and another tackle. Weber is already near their own 10, but decide to go for it on 4th and 3 with 5 minutes left but can’t convert. Layton starts with the ball in the red zone.

Cam Garcia takes the snap, and runs for 6 yards bring them to 2nd and goal. Elias West then runs the ball to the 1 yard line, but Weber forces a field goal, that ends up being good, as Layton leads 34-15.

In desperation, Jake Lindsay throws and interception to Mitchell Johnson for the icing on the cake.

The Layton Lancers win the game with a final score of 34-15, as the look to finish out the season strong.

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