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Lone Peak Sweeps Lehi

Lone Peak traveled to Lehi to take on the Lady Pioneer's volleyball team on 8-25-20. Lone Peak comes into this game 1-0 after sweeping Snow Canyon at home. Lehi comes into this game after a close with against Salem Hills.

The first set starts off with Lehi leading, behind what would be an amazing performance by #15 Avery Shewell. Lone Peak was playing very good defense though and was able to stop Lehi and take the lead 19-16 forcing Lehi to call a timeout. Lehi will be forced to call another time out after Lone Peak extends their lead to 21-17. Avery is able to get a couple of huge blocks and aces to keep the Lady Pioneers in the game but Lone Peak is able to hold on and win the set 25-22.

The momentum sticks with Lone Peak going into the second set and they are able to quickly get ahead 7-2. Lehi, up to this point, have made too many errors both on defense and especially when serving. Lehi is beating themselves more than Lone Peak is. Lehi's #15 Avery Shewell gets some crucial kills and aces once more but Lone Peaks defense is too good and the Knights extend their lead 13-7.

Avery is once again able to score some crucial points and ties the game at 14. Lehi will take their first lead of the game and go ahead 17-16. It is service errors once again that keep Lone Peak in the game and after and Ace by Lone Peak's #2 Grace Evans Lone Peak wins set #2.

In set 3, Avery Shewell is able to give the Pioneers a 4-2 lead. Lone Peak's defense shines once more, however, and Lone Peak quickly gets a 6-9 lead, forcing Lehi to call a timeout. Lehi is beating themselves with too many service errors. Lone Peak takes advantage of these service errors and is always able to extend their lead and after Lehi had been leading Lone Peak takes the lead 21-19 and will continue to beat the Pioneers 25-20.

Through all 3 sets, Lehi's Avery Shewell is proving to b the best player on the court for either team. Her kill seem unstoppable and her knowledge of the game is apparent. Lone Peaks defense, however, works too well as a team and is able to contain Lehi's offensive strikes. Lehi, needs to work on their serving if they want to stay in close games like the one they had tonight. Lone Peak will continue to have success if they maintain their team's spirit and defensive prowess.


Lone Peak: 3

Lehi: 0

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