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Mountain View Shows out against American Fork

Thursday night's game between Mountain View and American Fork was preceded by a tangible amount of energy and excitement. You could tell that these girls were excited to start their season after a very unusual summer. Both teams warmed up very well. #13 Mia Lee looked good for Mountain View and #21 Elle Vincent looked good for American Fork.

Set 1

The first set was a great start to the season for both teams. They had a lot of energy. The game started with Mountain View scoring a couple of quick points. #13 Mia Lee had a great kill to put the Bruins up 3-2. American Fork, however, came back and we had a tie game at 4 a piece. Later in the game #30 Allyah Tokelau of Mountain View had 3 straight kills to put the Bruins up 18-16. In the end it was American Fork who won the first set 27-25. While there weren't any notable players or plays from American Fork in the first set they played well as a team And grounded out the win.

Set 2

Set 2 included quite a few mistakes on both teams part. Serves were hit into the net and kill attempts flew out of bounds. With it being the first game of the season some mistakes are expected. I'm sure both teams were relieved that the mistakes faded as the set went on. The set remained very close with each team trading points through the first 20 points.

Once the Bruins hit 20 points they took over, keeping the Cavemen scoreless on their way to a 25-20 win. Some notable players from set 2 were #21 Elle Vincent and #12 Maya Dietz with multiple kills and blocks each!

Set 3

Set 3 started off with the Bruins taking a very quick 7-0 lead. American Fork was able to score 1 point but couldn't get their game together and was down 9-1. American Fork was eventually able to close the gap and come within 3 points at 15-18. American Fork was never in the lead and the Lady Cavemen seemed tired and fatigued. This could be due to the fact that Mountain View was rotating players sooner and more often than American Fork. The depth of the bench was able to keep the Lady Bruins ahead of the Lady Cavemen. American Fork was able to swing the momentum in their favor for a few minutes with an amazing save that resulted in a score while the Lady Bruins were celebrating what they thought was their point. The Lady Bruins went on to win the set 25 to 20.

Set 4

The 4th and final set was much closer than the previous one. Mia Lee lead the Bruins in this set alongside #7 Julia Cavalvanti. Mia had 4 kills and Julia added a couple of her own as well as some great blocks. The entire set had multiple lead changes within a point or two. Once Mountain View reached 20 points the Lady Cavemen seemed to have acceptd defeat and went down 22-19. They mustered what hope and energy they had left but were defeated 25-23, giving the Lady Bruins the win overall.

The whole game seemed to favor Mountain View. The Lady Bruins were on the attack all night. American Fork played some amazing defense but did not rotate their players as often which seemed to lead to fatigue and most likely lead to their defeat.


Final Score:

Lady Bruins: 3

Lady Cavemen: 1

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