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Pleasant Grove Fights back for a crazy OT win

Lehi (3-1) hosted Pleasant Grove (4-0) yesterday. After a rough start to the season Lehi has been playing a lot better and Pleasant Grove, who is undefeated, is frustrated that no one has been talking about them. Both teams came into this game wanting to make a statement. Both teams believe that they belong in the same conversation as American Fork and Corner Canyon.

Lehi received the kick off to start the game. They started off the game with mostly runs. They must have known that this Pleasant Grove defense is a force to be reckoned with and getting the running game early would give them the best chance at a win. After a few good plays they are forced to punt. Their punter gets a fantastic bounce for a 65yd punt and puts the Vikings back on their own 15.

Pleasant Grove’s offense take the field but is quickly forced to punt after a reception, a dropped pass and finally a sack. Lehi takes over on their own 45yd line. #5 with a reception and push for a first down put Lehi into Pleasant Grove territory. This was followed by good run by #4 and a reception by #84. On Pleasant Grove’s 34yd line the Pioneers run a pitch play and #19 gains 15yds! This sets up Lehi for a FG and #41 puts it through the uprights. Lehi scores the first points of th game and leads 3-0.

Pleasant Grove takes over again after a touchback. Viking’s #4 gets a 34yd reception to put them into Lehi’s territory but their drive, once again, results in a punt. Both teams have difficulty on offense and are force to punt a couple more times. During one of Pleasant Groves punts, Lehi #99 blocks it and #3 takes it 35yds for a TD! The Pioneers now lead 9-0. Pleasant Grove takes over and after 2 carries for over 60yds by #4 the Vikings finally get on the board thanks to #11 ramming it through to the endzone.

Pleasant Groves defense holds Lehi on the next drive and their offense is able to get another TD behind an easy run by #4.The Vikings get one more score before half after #32 runs in a 4yd TD. So after a strong start to the first half, Lehi heads to the locker room trailing Pleasant Grove 21-9.

We don’t know what Lehi’s coach said to the team in the locker room but boy did it work. Lehi came out of half time on fire on both sides of the ball. Their defense was finally able to stuff the run and their offense was able to get their running game going. Their first TD comes on the legs of #10 on a 3yd run.

Their second TD of the half comes on a perfectly executed Flea Flicker where #19 throws it 39yds to a wide open #20. While Lehi seems to be on fire the opposite is true of Pleasant Grove. They can’t get more than a couple of first downs and their defense can’t get a good stop.

The Viking team that we saw towards the end of the first half has disappeared and it seemed like Lehi was going to get the win. Lehi scored again in the 4th on a pass from QB #2 to #19. Lehi takes the lead 29-21 with only 3 minutes left in the game! Lehi fans were ecstatic and who can blame them, with how the second half was going they thought for sure they had them beat. Pleasant Grove wasn’t going down that easy though.

With less than 2 minutes left the Vikings marched it down the field and scored. Being down by 8 they had to go for 2 and they ran it in no problem. We are headed to overtime! Lehi wins the toss and gets possession first. Each team will started at the 30yd line with a fresh set of downs. The downs were not timed. Lehi tried running the ball again and had one long pass that looked to be a touchdown get intercepted in the endzone. Pleasant Grove took over and after some great playmaking #4 pushes it through for a Viking touchdown! The Vikings win it 35-29!


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