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Roy Fights Back and Gets the Win Over Dixie

Friday 8-21-20 - The Dixie Flyers travel all the way from St George to take on the Roy Royals on their brand new field. They start off the game by introducing all of the seniors just in case the season gets canceled, we can all hope it doesn't though. Kickoff is returned by Roy's #17 Ryker Howell runs it out to the 19 yard line. Roy enters Dixies territory with 7:59 remaining in the first quarter. Touchdown by #5 Cooper Valencia for a 3 yard touchdown. Royals go up 7-0 with 5:18 remaining. Shortly after, Dixie runs it out to the 11 yard line, Dixie enters royals territory with 3:21 remaining in 1st. They cap off the drive with a passing touchdown to #5 Joshua Barney. The game is tied at 7 with 1:44 remaining.

Roy runs it out to the 22 yard line, and that will be the end of the first quarter game tied 7-7. Roy, unable to start off the 2nd quarter great punts it with 10:23 remaining. Dixie ends up punting it back to them 8:42 remaining. Both teams are playing great defense. it Roy punts back to Dixie with 7:21 left. The second half ends with the score 7-7.

Roy kicks off to Dixie to start the second half. Later in the 3rd quarter, Dixie #3 Avery Anderson is able to rush in for a touchdown, Dixie goes up 14-7 against Roy with 4:10 remaining. Shortly after, Roy's #2 Parker Kingston throws a huge pass to #1 Cade Harris for a 52 yard touchdown. Roy has tied the game back up at 14 as time expires, bringing the third quarter to an end. To start the fourth Dixie gets a TD pass to #4 Shea Anderson. Dixie goes up 21-14 with 10:45 remaining.

Roy answers with a field goal made by Britton Watts. Roy trails Dixie 21-17. Shortly after, Roy gets the ball back and gets another touchdown. Roy now leads 24-21 and with only 1:16 remaining in the 4th quarter, Dixie turnover on downs. Roy kneels wins 24-21.

Final Score:

Roy: 24

Dixie: 21

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