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Roy Remains Undefeated with a Dominating Performance over Layton

After a close game last week against Fremont, the Royals showed last night that they mean business with a 35-6 win over the Layton Lancers lifting them to 4-0 start. With multiple touchdowns each, junior Parker Kingston (#2) and senior Izzy Gordon (#15) were the ones leading the charge against the Lancers.

Roy Pregame Hype!

Quarterback Kingston (#2) had a great night with 7/11 completed passes for 121 yards and a TD. He also had 10 carries for 85 yards rushing and two TD’s on the ground. When asked about the tactic of playing a strong ground game compared to a throwing game Kingston (#2) commented:

“We knew that (Layton) was going to be really scared of Cade (#1) and probably bracket and double team him, but they can’t stop our run game because we have Gordon (#15) back there. They just couldn’t stop him.”

Running back Gordon (#15) did indeed have an unstoppable game last night, with 21 carries for a total of 161 yards rushing. He was on fire.

Roy set the tone early with a 13-play opening drive, ending in Gordon’s (#15) 15-yard rushing touchdown with 5:24 remaining in the first quarter. Layton then gets a turn to try, can’t get a first down and has to punt. First quarter ends 7-0 Roy. Then just a minute into the second quarter at the 2-yard line Kingston (#2) punches it in after two solid carries by Gordon (#15) to get it there. Later that quarter with 4:25 left Kingston (#2) has another carry into the endzone for a TD, this time from 17 yards out. With only 26 seconds until half time, Kingston (#2) makes a 45-yard pass to Gordon (#15) for a touchdown. Roy goes into the half leading 28-0. A few minutes into the third, Cooper Valencia (#5) gets the fifth and final TD for the Royals on a 5-yard carry.

Valencia (#5) powering through the center into the end zone

The Royals defense was phenomenal. For three straight quarters they didn’t let the Lancers even close to the endzone. Layton’s only Touchdown was with 9:14 left in the fourth on a three-yard carry by running back Sione Vailahi (#6). The extra point was blocked by the Royals. Although the Royals have an immaculate defense, Layton’s offensive game was hard to prepare for says Ethan Ecker (#3) defensive back for Roy.

“It was hard because (Layton’s) Offensive Coordinator resigned halfway through the week so we went in not really knowing what to expect. We had to really just figure it out as we went, and we did.”

Ecker (#3) had a solid game last night with three tackles and great coverage. The Royals travel to Syracuse (1-3) next week while Layton faces the undefeated Davis. Roy and Davis face off in two weeks, and if both secure a win next week, “It’s going to be a good game and it’s probably for the region championship” says Kingston (#2).

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