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Darts Move to 5-0 with a Triumph over the Lancers

The Darts, after another win, are now 5-0 and on a roll. Davis came out strong scoring 30 of their 40 total points in the first quarter alone. To start off the game senior running back, Spencer Ferguson (#24), had a 51-yard carry for a TD. A bit after the first touchdown, junior Rhett Rice (#30) made a tackle for a safety. Then only 12 seconds after the safety, senior wide receiver David Spjut (#4) received a 45-yard pass from senior quarterback, Chance Trujillo (#2), for a touchdown.

When asked about the 45-yard TD reception Spjut (#4) commented,

“That play was a play-action pass and the corner bit on the run, so I was able to just run past him" -Spjut (#4)
David Spjut (#4) TD

Three minutes after that touchdown and still in a groove, Trujillo (#2) threw a 6-yard pass to Spjut (#4) for another touchdown. To finish off a great first quarter, with 1:53 left, Ferguson (#24) had a 35-yard run to a TD. Ending the quarter, Davis had a big lead of 30-0.

With 7:15 left in the second quarter, senior running back, Caden Blackner (#5) had a 1-yard run to punch it into the endzone for another Davis touchdown. To end the half, senior kicker, Jackson Leaver (#11), nailed a 22-yard field goal. Davis went into half time leading 40-0.

In the third quarter, junior wide receiver, Samuel VanHorne (#19) got the Lancers first and only TD on a 5-yard pass from junior QB Garrett Gifford (#11). With the touchdown by Layton, the third quarter ended 40-7.

After no score from either team in the fourth quarter, the game ended, Davis victory 40-7.

Final Score:

Davis: 40

Layton: 7

Not only was Davis’ offense great but their defense was phenomenal, only giving up one touchdown. Davis had a total of 45 tackles with senior linebacker, Taeten Stilson (#44), leading the team with 9 tackles. The Darts also had 5 sacks for a loss of 16 total yards. In addition to his safety, Rice (#30) blocked a punt as well.

With another great win under their belts, Davis will now have to prepare to face off with the Roy Royals next Friday.

When asked about preparation for the upcoming game Spjut (#4) said,

“They have some really athletic players, so we have to keep them contained and stop the big plays from happening.” - Spjut (#4)

Roy beat Syracuse 30-15 Friday night. Now, with both teams being undefeated (5-0), next week’s game is sure to be a fierce battle between two Region 1 giants. This next week’s game will help give a leg up to the winners in the fight for the Region 1 title.

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