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Roy Comes out Ahead in a High Scoring Battle of Undefeated Region One Leaders

Wow, what a game. In a tight race against the Davis Darts, the Roy Royals came out victorious 48-47. With the game going back and forth the whole night, fans were on the edge of their seats throughout the game up until the last few seconds. The Royals did not stop fighting even when down by 14 with two and a half minutes left. With 14 total touchdowns, both quarterbacks running over 60 yards for touchdowns, multiple big plays, and a game winning touchdown; last night was a game to remember.

The game started with Roy kicking off to Davis. After only two plays from scrimmage, senior quarterback Chance Trujillo (#2) threw a 64-yard pass to senior wide receiver David Spjut (#4) for a touchdown. To answer the Darts touchdown, on the Royals seconds play from scrimmage, junior quarterback Parker Kingston (#2) ran 72 yards for a touchdown putting Roy in the lead 7-6. Then, with 3:05 left in the first quarter, Trujillo (#2) had a 61-yard run for a TD ending the quarter with Davis ahead 13-7. 

To start off the second quarter, at 11:49, senior wide receiver/running back Cade Harris (#1) ran 10 yards for a touchdown. About five minutes later, Trujillo (#2) threw another great pass, this one for 66 yards, to Spjut (#4) for a TD. Then, with 29 seconds left in the half, Roy senior running back Izzy Gordon (#15) had a TD on a 4-yard run. To end the half Davis senior wide receiver Owen Murdock (#6) scores on a 33-yard pass from Trujillo (#2) for a touchdown. The Darts go into the half leading 26-20.

In the third quarter with 8:33 left Kingston (#2) had a 12-yard run to a TD. Shortly after, Trujillo (#2) connects again with Murdock (#6) this time for a 8-yard receiving touchdown. Just a minute after that TD Kingston got his third running touchdown this one a 71-yard run. To finish off the third quarter, with 1:53 left Trujillo goes 63-yards for a touchdown. Royals are down going into the fourth 40-33.

Chance Trujillo's (#2) Touchdown

After some back and forth play, with only two and a half minutes left in the game, Davis senior running back Spencer Ferguson (#24) runs 3-yards to put Davis in the lead 47-33. To get the game within a touchdown Roy senior wide receiver Tytan Fernandes (#20) gets a 13-yard pass from Kingston (#2) for a TD. After a fumble by Davis, the Royals get the ball again with about a minute left to try and pull off a win. Then, down to the wire with only 14 seconds left in the game, junior wide receiver Ethan Ecker (#3) finds an opening and Kingston (#2) finds and hits Ecker (#3) for a game changing touchdown. Now, down by one, the Royals can either get the extra point to tie it up or try to win with a 2-point conversion. And taking the gamble, Harris (#1) runs it in with 10 seconds left to put the Royals in the lead 48-47. After a few penalties, the Darts get a chance to kick a 51-yard field goal attempt and just falling short, the Royals win 48-47 making them the top team in Region One.

Roy celebration after 2-point conversion

When asked for more information on the game winning touchdown Kingston (#2) stated,

“It wasn’t even supposed to go to Ethan (#3), but when I was rolling out I saw the entire defense fly up on me and I saw Ethan (#3) wide open so I just threw it to him, and he scored. It was his first varsity touchdown, and it came at a clutch moment.”

Ethan Ecker's (#3) TD

When Ethan Ecker (#3) was elaborating on his great, game winning, touchdown he said,

“We initially had a different play called, but I kind of just snuck out and found a spot wide open and Parker (#2) found me. When we got the ball back, I knew we would score, I just didn’t expect it to be me.”

Now 6-0 Roy is on the road to the top of Region One. With beating the undefeated Davis, and undefeated Weber losing to Layton, now Roy is the only team undefeated in Region One. On their way to success you are sure to hear more great things about the Royals in the coming weeks.

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