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The Darts Take the Win After an Intense Shootout with the Lancers

With Davis and Layton Girls Soccer teams being two of the top teams in the state and both nationally ranked, this second face-off of theirs was one to watch. After losing in a shootout against their rivals the Lancers a few weeks ago, the Darts were able to avenge themselves by winning this time. With the last game being tied 3-3 going into a shootout no one expected these top teams to end normal game time, and double overtime, tied 0-0. As Davis senior Halle Lund (#9) states perfectly,

“Both teams had chances and we just never capitalized on them, but we weren’t expecting it to be 0-0 at all”

Both the Darts and Layton had opportunities to score but, with both defenses and the goalies having great games, neither were able to score. Even with penalties and other advantages, Davis and Layton yet again went into overtime. With no score after overtime as well as double overtime, a shootout is at foot.

After made PK’s, stops by both goalies, and a miss over the top of the goal by Layton, the shootout was tied 4-4. As the last player to take a shot, Halle Lund (#9) steps up to the line.

“I was nervous. Shootouts are never a fun thing to do. Especially shooting last in a rivalry game, the pressure’s crazy.”

Putting her nerves aside Halle (#9) is able to shoot, make it, and bring the Darts to a victory, 5-4 in the shootout. With more on the last shot, and the strategy, Halle (#9) states,

“I just had to talk myself through it, like what I am going to do and how I am going to shoot it. I’m just happy I was able to be a part of the shootout and to make it.”

Halle Lund (#9) Final Kick in the Shootout

Davis Celebration After the Win

With the victory over Layton and X games left in the season, the Darts are now in the drivers seat for the Region One title. Both teams still top contenders in the state, Davis and Layton have surely made a name for themselves as great teams, and great rivals. Both sure to make it far in the playoffs, we may see the Darts and Lancers face-off yet again. Maybe next time, for the 6A title.

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