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Fremont takes down the Clearfield Falcons

Fremont heads south today to take on the Clearfield Falcons, Fremont kicks off first. Clearfield with a huge pass bringing it all the way to there own 4 yard line. 2 plays later Falcons are able to score going up 7-0 with 9:25 left. The Falcons are able to get a fumble. #9 gets the ball and Clearfield starts on their own 49 yard line. Clearfield, not able to do anything with it turns it over on downs.

At the beginning of 2nd Quarter Fremont gets a field goal they now trail Clearfield 7-3 with 8:44 remaining. Fremont, able to get the ball back and score a touchdown Fremont goes up 10-7 against Clearfield now with 3:57 remaining. Fremont, with 1 minute remaining gets another passing touchdown #18 Hayden Hall with the catch. Fremont goes up 17-7. Clearfield gets a 50 yard touchdown to #83 Nixon Dailey 14-17 with 30.7 seconds left in the 2nd.

Beginning of 3rd Quarter, Fremont is able to start off the 3rd quarter by scoring a touchdown going up 24-14 with 7:33 remaining. #36 on Fremont gets a pic 6 so Fremont goes up 31-7 with 2:17 remaining. Fremont is able to add on to their lead. #40 with a passing touchdown. Fremont goes up 38-14 with 14.1 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

At the beginning of 4th Quarter the Falcons are able to score but go for 2 points and fails. They are now trailing 20-38 with 8:07 remaining. Fremont goes up 46-20 after another touchdown with a 2 point conversion. Clearfield scores a touchdown by #83 Nixon Dailey and a 2 point conversion. Clearfield now trails 28-46 with 1:42 remaining. Clearfield isn't able to close the gap and fall to Fremont 46-28.

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