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High Schools From all Over the State Come to Timpanogos Invitational for Cross Country Meet

The morning of Saturday, September 5th brought the early wake up of over 1,500 high school runners and coaches all over Utah. Teams started showing up around 6:30 a.m. in sweatpants and sweatshirts, trying to keep their skins warm and ready to go in 60 degree weather with barely any hint of the sunrise. Large, dark, rocky structures towered over the flat course. The mountains right next to the course, being shadows looming over hundreds of nervous racers provided bright sun rays once the sun said good morning through the peaks.

At 7:37a.m, with thirteen 3 mile heats to be ran, the Timpanogos Cross Country Invitational was underway. Senior boys and girls started out, bringing in the first scores. Coaches and teammates moved around the course with the runners, cheering every single person on. *Due to Covid-19, family and friends were not allowed at the race as spectators. Coaches, athletes, and managers were required to wear masks if they weren't running, and social distance as much as possible. Schools had their own areas away from other schools all over the field. However, there was still a loud cheer for every team and every person and the finish line met another runner. Music blared next to the announcers stadium as runners crossed, ranging from California Gurls by Katy Perry to We Will Rock You remixes.

As the sun rose, the next six heats, each spaced 20-40 minutes apart, brought junior girls and boys, followed by varsity and varsity elite racers. The same festivity and applause was generated for every heat and every racer. Varsity Elite consisted of approximately 20 schools, supposedly the fastest 20 schools in the state. The last five races consisted of sophomore and freshman boys and girls, with the sophomore boys being split into heats due to so many signing up. Teammates and coaches continued to run back and forth through the course to cheer their friends on. Racers crossed each mile marker and the finish line, and their time was electronically recorded, giving accurate results fast. Personal records were broken all over in every heat for many runners. Feedback from racers shows that overall, it was a great race. Way to go cross country runners, we're so proud of you!

For all official results, go to

Senior Girls Heat Top 5

1st- Bethany Blakey- 19:26- Springville High School

2nd- Natalie French- 19:41.6- Herrmian High School

3rd- Aubrey Westover- 20:00.4- American Fork High School

4th- Brianne Ericksen- 20:21.4- Salem Hills High School

5th- Mazey Schofield- 20:21.4- Springville High School

Senior Boys Heat Top 5

1st- Tim Spiesman- 15:59.7- American Fork High School

2nd- Braden Miller- 16:14.7- Farmington High School

3rd- Ryan Jolley- 16:18.3- American Fork High School

4th- Carson Bauco- 16:30.6- Farmington High School

5th- Ashton Hofheins- 16:34.1- Herriman High School

Junior Girls Heat Top 5

1st- Laurissa Blakey- 19:14.8- Springville High School

2nd- Maili Boyer- 20:16.5- Springville High School

3rd- Morgan Hatch- 20:26.7- Herriman High School

4th- Alyssa Stratton- 20:27.9- American Fork High School

5th- Lydia Rowe- 20:28- Springville High School

Junior Boys Heat Top 5

1st- Carson Wall- 15:52.4- Desert Hills High School

2nd- Jackson Henstrom- 15:57.7- Corner Canyon High School

3rd- Tate Martineau- 16:04.4- Farmington High School

4th- Matthew Neuenschwander- 16:28.8- Farmington High School

5th- William Merkley- 16:29.2- American Fork High School

Varsity Girls Heat Top 5

1st- Hailey Kidd- 18:45.3- Copper Hills High School

2nd- Amelia Hunter- 19:20.1- Salem Hills High School

3rd- Mari Briggs- 19:31- North Sanpete High School

4th- Camille Jensen- 19:36.7- East High School

5th- Erica Maestas- 19:37.3- Salem Hills High School

Varsity Boys Heat Top 5

1st- Jefferson McMullin- 15:33.9- Lehi High School

2nd- Tyler Reese- 16:01.6- Spanish Fork High School

3rd- Tyler Martin- 16:11.1- Lehi High School

4th- Gabe Sargent- 16:13.8- Morgan High School

5th- Zealand Riser- 16:20.7- Copper Hills High School

Varsity Girls Elite Heat Top 5

1st- Caila Odekirk- 17:37.4- Hurricane High School

2nd- Avalon Mecham- 17:38.1- American Fork High School

3rd- Addi Bruening- 17:59.8- Herriman High School

4th- Oakley Olson- 18:15.4- Morgan High School

5th- Sarah Galbraith- 18:20.4- Springville High School

Varsity Boys Elite Heat Top 5

1st- Brayden Packard- 14:48.5- American Fork High School

2nd- Nathan Jaster- 14:54.3- American Fork High School

3rd- Michael Moffat- 15:04- Westlake High School

4th- Anthony Davies- 15:07.3- Hillcrest High School

5th- Jedidiah Megargel- 15:11.7- Westlake High School

Sophomore Boys Heat Top 5

1st- Kyler Nelson- 16:31.5- American Fork High School

2nd- Luke Ashton- 16:36.4- Desert Hills High School

3rd- Bodie Williamson- 16:46.4- Farmington High School

4th- Kaden McKinlay- 16:56.4- Desert Hills High School

5th- Will Peeler- 16:57.4- Corner Canyon High School

Sophomore Girls Heat Top 5

1st- Audrey Wright- 19:58.6- American Fork High School

2nd- Brynn Rees- 20:05.6- Viewmont High School

3rd- Claire Babcock- 20:15.8- Corner Canyon High School

4th- Paityn Bird- 20:18- Springville High School

5th- Amelia Woolley- 20:25.6- Desert Hills High School

Freshman Girls Heat Top 5

1st- Addilyn Orndoff- 19:12- Springville High School

2nd- Alyssa Kleinman- 19:55.1- American Fork High School

3rd- Aldana Navarrete- Lamas- 20:25.9- Timpanogos High School

4th- Millie Baird- 20:34.8- American Fork High School

5th- MaKenzie Wilber- 20:39.5- Maple Mountain High School

Freshman Boys Heat Top 5

1st- JoJo Jourdan- 16:59.9- Olympus High School

2nd- Anders Berlin- 17:03.7- Timpanogos High School

3rd- Chase Pack- 17:13.7- American Fork High School

4th- Zach Hillhouse- 17:21.7- Pleasant Grove High School

5th- Clark Peters- 17:28.5- Timpanogos High School

*The author of this article is a manager for the Copper Hills High School cross country team, and had permission to be there.

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