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Lone Peak Shuts Out Timpview In a Utah Top 10 Matchup

Friday, 8/14/20 - Friday Night Lights are back! Friday night, Lone Peak traveled to Timpview to kickoff this matchup between the #3 ranked Knights and the #7 Thunderbirds. These two schools are the winningest schools in Utah the past 50 years. Coming into this game, Timpview has a 12-7 record against Lone Peak. Time for kickoff!

Timpview started the first quarter with a kickoff to the Knights. On the first drive, Lone Peak quarterback #4 completes a pass to wide receiver #13 Jake Lindsley for a first down, but the Thunderbird’s defense starts off strong with a stop, forcing a punt.

Not much happened with Timpview’s first drive, also resulting in a punt. Lone Peak receives the kick, but once again Timpview’s defense forces the Knights to give it away. As Lone Peak sets to punt, the kick was blocked and recovered by Timpview’s #8, giving them great field position around the 20 yard line.

The Thunderbird’s star running back #7 had a good run for about 8 yards. The following play, QB#9 throws a pass to his receiver that lands in his hands, but a massive hit from Lone Peak’s #11 Kade Liljenquist causes him to drop the ball. The rest of the quarter consisted of sacks, defensive stops, and trading punts. Timpview plays very run heavy but neither team can get anything going offensively in this defensive showdown. The end of first quarter score, 0-0.

To open up the second quarter, the Knights roll out with a different quarterback, #15 Jonah Heimui. The Jonah took a deep shot down field for intended target #13 Jake Lindsley, and the receiver dove for the ball as it touched his hands, but it was dropped, in what was almost an amazing play. They couldn’t get anything to click the rest of the possession so they had to punt it again. Unlike most of both teams drives this game, Thunderbird QB #9 completes a pass to wide receiver #19 for a first down. However, downs 1-3 didn’t go as smooth resulting in a 4th and 2 situation, but a false start penalty gives the Knights another shot at scoring.

Lone Peak decides to stick with QB15, and he throws a long pass that turned into an amazing catch, but a penalty on the play waived everyone back and they were forced to punt again. An absolute defensive battle so far. Timpview doesn’t get anywhere after they receive the punt, so on 4th down they set up to kick but ran a fake. The Knights read this very well, and swallowed the play giving them great field position on the positive 40 yard line.

The Knight’s QB Jonah Heimuli throws a great ball to his favorite target #13 Jake Lindsley to put them down at the 20 yard line. Off the snap, the QB decides to keep it, and gets past a few defenders before being brought down at the 1 yard line. In great position, Lone Peak calls a timeout with 3:51 left in the 2nd quarter. When they come back out, they set in the wildcat formation as #6 takes the snap and finds a whole for a touchdown, finally ending the offensive drought of the game. Extra point was good, 7-0 Lone Peak Knights.

The Thunderbird’s, to this point, played very run heavy, but Lone Peak’s defense did an impressive job stopping everything that was thrown at them. The Knight’s #9 John Daley deflects a pass behind the line of scrimmage, and the next play a false start was called. Timpview QB #9 called a screen, but was well read by Knight’s defensive back #30 Max Bateman as he hits the wide receiver stopping a catch and Lone Peak gets the ball.

Now Lone Peak, to end the quarter, comes out swinging, as Heimuli throws a beautiful pass to wide receiver Lindsley once again, bringing them down around the 20 yard line. Timpview’s defense stops a touch down, and forces them to kick a 37 yard field goal. Lone Peak had to hurry, and the kick was rushed but it went in with under a second left. Lone Peak extends their lead to 10-0 as the first half comes to an end.

To start the third quarter, Lone Peak kicks it off to Timpview. However, on the first play the snap was mishandled resulting in a fumble recovered by Lone Peak at the 15 yard line 5 seconds into the quarter. Lone Peak puts QB #4 Luke Romney back in, after he started and was taken out for Heimuli. The Thunderbird’s defense causes a penalty, and forces the Knights to take a deep field goal that goes wide left, as Timpview finally gets a defensive breather.

On the Thunderbird’s next drive, they get into a 3rd and short situation, but running back #7 earns a well fought first down. Next, Thunderbird QB #9 throws an interception as Lone Peak’s linebacker #6 Siale Tahi has an insane one-handed catch putting them down around the 10 yard line. The Knight’s were forced to 4th and goal, and who else but Siale Tahi takes the snap and scores a touchdown. The Lone Peak star has 2 touchdowns and a pick to his name. Lone Peak leads 17-0.

Timpview desperately needs to score, as running back #7 gains 20 yards on a carry while breaking tackles. But Lone Peak plays great defense and forces a punt. The Knight’s come out with QB15, and throws a pass that was batted, and intercepted, as Timpview finally finds the end zone with what could have been a pick six, but a penalty was called and the Thunderbirds couldn’t convert the opportunity in the short field.

The end of the third quarter comes, with the Knight’s up 17-0.

In the fourth quarter, Timpview found one more opportunity to score, but a few sacks and good plays by Lone Peak’s defense stops it. The Thunderbird’s offense just couldn’t find anything Friday night. The rest of the quarter consisted of punts and stops, but towards the end Lone Peak marched down the field with a couple big runs from #34, and #6 scores his third touchdown, having Lone Peak absolutely shut out Timpview in a 24-0 victory.

Lone Peak’s defense and offense showed out, but Timpview’s offense struggled to get anything to go and couldn’t convert on several great opportunities.


Final Score:

Lone Peak- 24

Timpview- 0

Player of The Game:

Lone Peak‘s Siale Tahi

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