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Ridgeline gets Revenge Against Farmington

Farmington went up to Milleville to take on the Ridgeline Riverhawks last Friday night. Ridgeline kicked off first for a touchback, and Farmington went 3 and out punting it to Ridgeline. Ridgeline managed to get down into the endzone with a rushing touchdown by #4. Farmington's offense is not playing that well with their second drive resulting in another 3 and out. Only 2 minutes later Ridgeline gets another touchdown but the extra point is blocked. Ridgeline leads 13-0.

Farmington is able to get their first down of the evening as time expires in the first quarter but is forced to punt it again. 5 minutes later Ridgeline #23 Noah White runs 7 yards for a touchdown. Ridgeline goes for two and #6 catches the pass. Ridgeline leads Farmington 21-0 with 7:29 remaining in the 2nd. Farmington throws an interception with 5:33 remaining in the 2nd and Ridgeline takes advantage going up 28-0. It was a complete different story last year as Farmington won that game 35-0. The Riverhawks lead the Phoenix 28-0 at halftime.

Farmington kicks off to Ridgeline to start the second half. On the first drive, Farmington intercepts a pass and takes the ball to the 4 yard line. On the next play, Farmington's #28 runs in for a touchdown. The Phoenix trail 7-28 with 10:00 remaining in the 3rd. Ridgeline quickly gets right back in the endzone, however, and Ridgeline goes up 35-7. After a few minutes, Ridgeline comes up with an interception by #38. On the ensuing drive, #3 Jovesq Damuni comes up with a big catch putting Ridgleine on the 5 yard line, Touchdown Ridgeline! The score is now 38-7. Farmington, having an off night, just a few plays later fumbles it and Ridgeline gains possession again with 2:33 remaining. Ridgeline goes down and scores once again making it 45-7 Riverhawks. Both teams are not able to score in the 4th.

Final Score:

Ridgeline: 45

Farmington: 7

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