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What is Utah High?

For years we have been able to look up the scores, news and stats on college and pro players. You can follow your favorite athlete, buy their jersey and even draft them in their fantasy league. So, why not have the same capability for high school? That is exactly what Utah High has set out to achieve. High school athletes put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their sport. Most of them play multiple sports in one school year. That is a lot to learn and manage on top of their grades in the classroom. So, why are we not giving them the recognition they deserve? On top of that, schools usually do not have the time or the resources to create, update, and maintain a website with all of the scores, news, and stats of their sports. They need someone to help them put their athletes in the spotlight in their communities. When the athletes are showcased and feel valued they perform better both on the field and in the classroom. Their friends and family are more likely to attend their games to support them and the schools become more competitive knowing that how they perform is being reported on for thousands of people to see.

Another major advantage to Utah High is the ability to stream live games on your phone and laptop. Outside of the state playoff and championship games, most high school sports are not accessible online for viewing from home. Family and friends that do not live close are not able to watch the games and schools are missing out on a lot of virtual ticket sales that could bring the school a lot more money to help fund their athletic department. Utah High is working on a solution which would benefit the school and the fans of the athletes. Schools need an opportunity to sell their schools merchandise online as well. Local community members, long distance family members, and even the athletes themselves would purchase and wear shirts, hats, etc... if they had a convenient way to purchase them.

I picture a future where high school sports are just as exciting as college and pro sports. Fans watch at the stadium and from home. People around the community buy and wear school merchandise and attend as many events as they can to support their local athletes. Every sporting event in Utah has a reporter and photographer that captures every detail of the game including highlights, statistics and interviews with coaches and athletes. Because every game is covered the athletes are motivated to do their best each and every game. Because Utah High will have updated statistics and standings, players and coaches have an amazing tool for scouting and preparing for an opponent that they have never had before. So, be sure to subscribe and help Utah High empower your local Utah athletes!

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